Get Involved DC!

IRI has a new project, GET INVOLVED DC!, where individuals with developmental disabilities in the DC region will get more involved in their communities by learning how to access and participate in various social, cultural, and volunteer opportunities available in our nation’s Capital.


To kick off this new project, IRI hosted an orientation and holiday party on December 10th in one of the more prestigious venues in Washington, DC – the Gold Room at the U.S. House of Representatives.  On that day, 20 youth with disabilities and their caregivers and parents joined us in the halls of Congress where bills are debated and laws are made, inspiration for many who are participating in this important project.

Activities scheduled for later this year include a fire and safety volunteer event at a local fire station on MLK Jr. Day, participating in the Cherry Blossom Parade, volunteering at local homeless shelters, and attending theatre, concerts, and museum events around DC.  Not only will participants get to attend many great events that DC has to offer, they will also learn how to do it on their own by using the skills that they learn through this program, including locating information about local events and resources, building communication skills, budgeting, navigating the transportation system, and other important skills that youth with disabilities can rely on to be strong and independent community participants and leaders.

GET INVOLVED DC! helps DC residents with disabilities of all ages build confidence, skills, and experiences that can lead to a lifetime of independence.

For more information about how to sign up for this program, contact Trudy Jones at 202-338-7153 X207 or


About inclusionresearch

Frances Norwood, PhD is Director of Research at Inclusion Research Institute and the Inclusive Preparedness Center in Washington, DC. IRI specializes in projects that support full inclusion for people with disabilities in all aspects of social life.
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